Junior Program
Building strong & confident young adults ages 11 to 16

This program will follow the same self-defense curriculum as our adult’s jiu-jitsu class including grappling, throwing, striking & clinching techniques and sparring. This will also be a chance for our older kid’s ages 11 to 15 to spar with stronger, quicker and more aggressive opponents. This training will allow our young students to experience what an assault with an adult will really feel like in case ever attacked by a stranger. Our program is a huge confidence builder that ensures our young students stay away from negative habits that are so common with many teens.  Cantu’s Academy provides powerful role models with positive and healthy behavior both on and off the mat.


  1. Diamond Reed
    Feb 17, 2017

    I’ve decided that I wanted to begin taking MMA classes, open to just about any, however, I do prefer tae kwon do or jiu-jitsu. I work therefore I would need a time slot either after work or on my off days. Is there a membership? Do you pay per class? Would we meet at the same time on the same days? What are the prices starting at? How long would classes be? few weeks to a month? Please try to be as detailed as possible. A little personal info, I am a 19yr old 116lb female beginner.

  2. admin
    Jun 19, 2017

    We invite you come into the academy and have a free trial class. After that, we’ll be happy to discuss our different membership packages! Hope to see you soon!

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